The Charity

The Best of Brighouse Awards is a chance to support and recognise exceptional individuals in businesses locally, but also to give back to the community in places it needs it most.

Proceeds from the night, including ticket sales, donations and raffle tickets, will go towards the work of the Town Hall Foundation, who will be celebrating their official launch on the night of the events.

The Town Hall Foundation is the charitable department of Town Hall Dental and is a way of giving back to the community who have supported them through their journey.

Charity has always been a big part of the mission at Town Hall Dental, and they are delighted to be able to support great local causes, as well as run our own projects, through the foundation. As Town Hall Dental continues to grow, the charitable work will grow alongside it.

Funds from the Town Hall Foundation will go to;

  • Provide essential medical and dental care to those who are homeless and in poverty
  • Work with adults with disabilities, teaching them proper healthcare and dental hygiene
  • Support the work of other local organisations, including Overgate Hospice and Focus4Hope
  • Fund education for children in schools on proper healthcare and dental hygiene

The Evening

  • The event will be held at Brighouse Sports Club on Friday 23rd October 2020
  • This is a black-tie event