Award Categories

Best of Brighouse

This award will be open to a business or individual, and the winner will be someone or something the panel feels has had the greatest positive impact on Brighouse as a whole. This can be through voluntary work, success on the national stage, a track record of high local employment or anything the judges feel is in the best interests of Brighouse.

Sporting Achievement

This award will be presented to an individual or team who has had a standout sporting success in the past 12 months. This is open to all age ranges and all sports.

Apprentice of the Year

This award will go to an Apprentice working for a Brighouse business that stands out amongst the competitors as a future rising star in the community. Judges will be looking for excellence in the workplace and a commitment to their own learning and development. Testimonials from staff and managers will be considered.

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Unsung Hero Award

This award will be presented to a member of the community who you feel deserves recognition for the work that they do. Whether this be within a business, in the community or through volunteering and charity service.

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Business of the Year

This award will be given to a Business in Brighouse and the surrounding area that has gone above and beyond its competitors and proven itself as the best that Brighouse has to offer. The judges are looking for successful year on year growth in its sector, significant employment and a commitment to growth on either the national or international stage. A developed corporate social responsibility policy will improve your nomination.

Entrepreneur of the Year

This will be awarded to an entrepreneur who has demonstrated both a track record of success and who has contributed to improving Brighouse and the surrounding area. As well as financial success, judges will be looking for those who have gone above and beyond, whether in job creation or community activities.

Charitable Contribution

This award will go to a business or individual in Brighouse and the surrounding area that has done the most good for the people of Brighouse through their work and fundraising efforts, either as on their own or though a company CSR initiative. Judges are looking for a track record of successful fundraising and achieving their stated objectives.

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Retailer of the Year

This award recognises a retail store in Brighouse that has risen above their competitors and proven themselves successful in the retail environment. Marks will be awarded for innovation, financial success, and a track record of encouraging visitors to Brighouse and the surrounding area.

Special Recognition

The Special Recognition award is open to any individual, group or business who, while not falling into any of the above categories, deserves acknowledgement for their achievements. Judges will be looking for unique contributions to the local community, whether it be as a business, as a charity or on their own.

Lifetime Achievement

This award is not open for nomination but will instead be pre-selected. The Lifetime Achievement Award will go to an individual who, throughout their life, has shown an unwavering commitment and devotion to doing the best for their local area, whether it be through business or their work in the community.